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Bosch PSB 500 RE Impact Drill Best Price

Bosch PSB 500 RE Impact Drill Review

Product DescriptionProduct Description The PSB 500 RE has a number of useful features. Click here for a larger image.PSB 500 RE Impact Drill: Robust, Powerful yet Surprisingly Compact High in Power, Small in Size The hammer drills in the Compact Generation from Bosch will impress you with their high power and state-of-the-art technology. Their ergonomic, compact design makes them comfortable and safe to handle when hammer drilling, drilling and screw driving. In addition, all of the tools can be extended with an optimised dust extraction port for dust-free drilling (upgrade at any time). The new Compact Generation from Bosch offers the right tool for every user.PSB 500 RESmall size Low weight500 wattBosch ElectronicForward/reverse operation PSB 650 RE/PSB 750 RCE Compact size Reduced weight650/750 wattBosch ElectronicForward/reverse operation P&L/Autolock Chuck Constant Electronic (RCE model only)Speed pre-selection PSB1000-2 RCE Compact size 1000 wattTwo gearsBosch ElectronicForward/reverse operation Autolock (metal) chuckConstant ElectronicSpeed pre-selection Robust aluminium housingThe PSB Easy line offers small size and low weight, making it ideal for smaller projects such as drilling a perfect hole into the wall. It sits securely in users’ hands and makes child’s play of straightforward fitting and installation work. The Bosch PSB 500 RE comes with a powerful 500 watt motor that ensures easy impact drilling in masonry, and rotary drilling in wood and metal.High-Speed Drill The rotational speed of the PSB 500 RE varies between 50 and 3,000 rpm. Fast removal of masonry dust and other waste drilling material is just one of its advantages. The wide application spectrum includes materials such as wood and steel. The PSB 500 RE allows drilling diameters with high precision. The selector on the top of tool lets the user switch between rotary drilling or impact drilling.Maximum drilling diameter in masonry: 10 mm Maximum drilling diameter in steel: 8 mm Maximum drilling diameter in wood: 25 mm Users requiring a constant speed regardless of the load and handling should look towards the Bosch Universal PSB 750 RCE or the Bosch Expert PSB 1000-2 RCE.Intelligent Bosch Electronic: Optimal Power for Every ApplicationBosch Electronic allows variable speed using the trigger switch with fingertip control of the speed from maximum. This allows for precise starting of the hole being drilled followed by rapid drilling at full speed.Lightweight and ErgonomicThe low weight of 1.6 kg and ergonomic slim-line design gives added user comfort for effortless drilling and fatigue free working.User Comfort Softgrip gives the user a better grip and greater control of the machine for more safety while working. The tool comes with a 4 metre cable with a hanger on the sleeve for higher convenience and better storage. The depth stop guarantees that you will drill exactly the distance planned. The outstanding handling ensures perfect control and optimal user comfort.

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