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GMC 950 w SDS Plus Magnesium Hammer Drill For Sale

GMC 950 w SDS Plus Magnesium Hammer Drill Review

Product SafetyThis product is subject to specific safety warnings Warning: Only for domestic useProduct DescriptionProduct DescriptionProduct DescriptionFrom the ManufacturerFour options, each one spectacular The highly efficient MAG950HD Hammer Drill offers a fourth function over the standard three typically found in most hammer drills.The extremely innovative GMC have extended the stop rotation mode to include a fixed accessory stop rotation mode for pneumatic powered chiseling. What does this mean? The removal of tiles is much more efficiently and easily done, compared to bits that are still free to spin in a conventional chisel rotation mode. You’ll find the normally arduous job of tile removal to be much, much easier with the MAG950HD.Lightweight and strongThe innovative magnesium construction of this hammer drill offers the ultimate in strength and durability whilst maintaining a light weight for comfort during prolonged handling. The variable speed selection offers greater control and accuracy when drilling and screwdriving, so no matter how simple or complicated your task may be, you’ll be able to do it with ease and precision. The lock-on button allows continuous use without needing to keep the trigger depressed -- surprisingly useful in many situations.Powerful and versatileThe SDS Plus chuck provides easy, quick and reliable accessory bit changes, and the reverse facility aids in the easy removal of jammed bits. With the power to drill effortlessly through masonry, concrete and brick, this tool offers a stunning combination of durability, strength and versatility. Many different DIY tasks -- from hanging a picture to major renovation work -- can be achieved with one simple tool. The GMC 4-Function Rotary Hammer Drill MAG950HD is supplied with 4 SDS Plus drill bits, steel depth stop and carry case. MagnesiumSo, what’s so special about magnesium? Fundamentally, it’s simple: it’s a material that is lighter, stronger and more durable than other structural metals -- 75% lighter than steel, 50% lighter than titanium and 32% lighter then aluminium. Many power tools on the market feature extensive use of aluminium, which can make them heavy to hold over extended periods of use. Because they are significantly lighter than aluminium, magnesium components can reduce user fatigue and increase safety, enabling you to work for longer and with greater comfort.GMCGMC is a leader in product innovation. Ongoing investment in research and design ensures GMC continue to provide innovative products that surpass customer expectation every time. With a proud heritage and association with top level motorsport, GMC understands what is needed to make the ordinary extra-ordinary. By using the very latest technologies available, GMC has consistently manufactured tools that offer a performance advantage over other, less forward-thinking competitors. Through its use of such technology as carbon fibre composites, magnesium alloys and laser-guiding, GMC power tools are perfect for everyone from the occasional DIY enthusiast to the veteran trade professional. Offering sleek, modern design combined with unbeatable performance, GMC’s tools not only perform outstandingly well, but they look spectacular, are powerful, and handle with unrivalled smoothness.

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GMC 950 w SDS Plus Magnesium Hammer Drill is one of the best goods put out this week . As of encouraging you'll find it unparalleled innovation , changed and after this accommodated about for your own use . And after this there have been a wide variety of items it's possible to get. The overall item is made fx particular stuffs that really have great and trend. GMC 950 w SDS Plus Magnesium Hammer Drill is a favored pick many of us. And WE passionately recommend it. With the international great criteria , hence gaining this product a posh and obviously long lasting . Some of folks really love the GMC 950 w SDS Plus Magnesium Hammer Drill as a great number of variants of colours , types , stuffs.

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It's a little information and reviews about GMC 950 w SDS Plus Magnesium Hammer Drill, hope this reviews will be useful for you who want to buy GMC 950 w SDS Plus Magnesium Hammer Drill with a cheap price. But do not forget to read reviews from customers who have purchased this GMC 950 w SDS Plus Magnesium Hammer Drill product, and you will see how amazing this product.

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